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Don't Let Us Get Sick

By Warren Zevon (RIP 1947 - 2003) from his album "LIFE'LL KILL YA" (2000).

Zevon was a one of a kind rock, folk and blues singer/songwriter. His music is fully original and also fully American in it's range, struggles, story telling, and playfulness. Who cannot relate to this call, almost a prayer - "don't' let us get sick."? We all want to be well, to be happy and strong, but as he says "Life'll kill ya!" Illness, accident, violence, pandemics are all a part of this world and we so wish we had health and peace. But as I hear this song, Zevon gives an answer to these maladies: education and thoughtfulness (don't let us get stupid); responsible action (To take up the slack in the line): and love (I'm lucky to be here with someone I like). For now, in the days of Covid in this America, I would take for us all to be learning and thoughtful, to engage in responsible action for a better country and world; and to know, cherish and give love to all. Someday I may come back to this song commentary and finish a complete essay on these issues. Don't let us get sick. Please. Now go listen to Zevon. He is fun loving and critically reflective all at the same time. Amazing!

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