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Everything is Gonna be Alright

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The song Everything is Gonna be Alright appeared on Guy Davis (1952) album You Don't Know My Mind (1998). Davis is a terrific guitar player and songster. His parents were great African American actors - Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis and his ability to tell a story and relate to people is one of his greatest assets as a musician. I have been listening to Guy Davis for around 25 years. His traditional folk-blues are soulful and full of personal emotion. He writes great songs and tells great stories as a part of his music. He is passionate about the Black struggle for justice in America and he is passionate about Black history and preserving traditional Black music. This song has been a favorite of mine since the album came out in 1998. It is such a comforting song that I need to hear sometimes and hearing it in Guy Davis's warm and worn voice makes it all the better. Its a simple song, mainly repeating the chorus of "Everything is Gonna be Alright." These are just words I need. I recall once hearing my dad say these same words when during a time of family illness and hearing these words from my dad was all I really needed. I could make it though and on again. Then I recall once when I said these same words to my mom and dad during another time of family stress and it seemed these words had the power to comfort. But I also think, its hearing these words not as a first response or a band-aid to cover up wounds, but out of listening, sharing of realities and love. If you need to hear it, please give Guy Davis a listen. I feel he sings out of love and out of empathy and hope through hard times he has also known. The rest of his music is similar folk-blues and is amazing. Everything is gonna be alright. Though loss may come and illness may come and grief may come and confusion may come. Everything is gonna be alright (someday, somehow).

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