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From A Limestone Ledge

Updated: May 23, 2020

From a Limestone Ledge (1977) by John Graves (RIP 1920-2013) is a collection of essays about rural life in Texas in the 20th Century. With chapters such as "More Than Most People Want to Know About Fences" and "Some Chickens I Have Known", you can see the true country humor in Graves writing. His chapter on "Noticing" is one of the great essays on what today psychologists call "mindfulness" - being directly aware of ones senses of the world and ones own body, thoughts and emotions as you go about daily life, and doing so without judging, just admiring and learning, thus becoming more deeply connected with and grounded by this real life. Thus Graves displays his own Texan brand of very contemporary thought.

Terry M Pace (2020)

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