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Good morning Insulin

By Francis Grant, Jr. Good morning daily stories well written by those with dry throats and teeth missing those with pricked and sore fingers Please let the first finger stick bleed . . where is my meter? Let me have one more day, with friends and family Good morning daily stories well written Good morning insulin I think about you often now Without you, death would be in days . . A tiny petite glass bottle holding a water of life, saving me from the grave Good morning insulin Good morning diabetes I think about you daily and try to reason a good day Can I keep my muscles from wasting away? Can I keep my skin from tightening and cracking? Save my kidney and don’t let it stop working Keep my eyes sharp and clear And my veins and arteries from hardening I know my nerves have lost their nerve and my heart has weakened and fading But my body is starving and I need a vacation So good morning diabetes I was brought into this world alive not to live a life in fear and defeat Failure does not run through these veins But I don’t think it is right That we must fight for the right to die . . slowly sigh Good morning insulin . .

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