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I'm Not Ready Yet

By Francis Grant, Jr.

I’m not ready yet . .

This one goes out to anyone who it might concern . .

You know, I have heard there is a normal world out there somewhere . .

I have heard the Christmas songs and I heard the sweet talk . .

In my thoughts and wishes, I once again in my mind’s eye. .

I go for long walks in the warm sun and feel the breeze on this cold skin . .

And to anyone who it might concern . .

I am not ready yet . .

My hands and arms are not yet strong. .

My feet are not yet planted in the ground . .

I am not ready yet . .

And to anyone that it might concern . .

I wait for some happiness . .

And see that in the eyes of this little child . .

As my stone face cracks and crumbles . .

But I am not ready yet . .

So as I walk into this cold place . .

And the masked faces wheels me into the freezing . .

Please don’t tell me it will be okay . .

Once again the masked faces will scar me and change me . .

So I can continue to have something called this life . .

But I’m not ready yet To anyone that this might concern . .

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