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Most of All

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Most of All is a song from Brandi Carlile's 2018 album By The Way I Forgive You. Carlile (1981) is an all-around singer-songwriter, maybe most identified with country music, but her style is much more inclusive in the folk-rock or Americana realms. This album was nominated for album of the year in 2018 and is authentic, thoughtful and beautiful from start to finish. The song Most of All reflects the heartfelt approach on this album and of Carlile's music at large. Brandi sings of how she misses her parents, how she notices the physical qualities of voice, word phrases and hands that she has inherited from them and as an adult finds comfort in. She further sings of the deep wisdom of love each of them left to her with the core idea being that when we give our love away, it comes back to us again. I cannot think of a more needed wisdom and faith than this. We would not recognize ourselves or the world we live in if this one lesson could be truly known down deep in our bones. Think work life filled with real love, think of schools filled with giving, think of healthcare where giving away love is the thing that matters most, think of Washington DC being concerned first with the actual needs of ordinary people, think of neighborhoods where folks are more concerned with being sure everyone else is alright before worrying about oneself. I know it seems idealistic, but its the idealism I learned from my family, from Jesus, from animals, nature and a few really good friends. Of course none of us will live up to this all the time, but even 10% more would lighten up a whole new world for us.

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