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She gave me wings

By Francis Grant, Jr. I sit under this tree and feel the warm breeze and spy this bird looking down on me . . “Can we come together to reason a surrender . . a treaty? . . “ “I thought I could fly like you once . . you see . . She gave me gifts of wings and told me to search the sky, the lands, the seas, . . “ “I believed what she said, that I was meant for a life that was free . . But maybe, after all this, that life was not meant for me . . “ See . . She gave me wings . . and then she left me forever Her wings were strong and soft . . Her wings were water-tight and shiny . . Her wings were long and full . . Her wings were brown and smelled as fresh as the wind . . Her wings were light and wide . . She gave me wings and left me alone, forever . . But I had her wings . . So I had wings once. . and I tried . . My wings were strong My wings could carry me above the clouds My wings could carry me above dangers My wings carried me with the strong winds to lands unknown My wings carried me to places she never dreamed of going . . My wings never failed nor did they never ever weakened My wings never faltered nor never did they fold up even in the storms My wings captured the good winds and the bad winds, I happily took both equally I had wings once . . Now my wings are in tatters and torn . . Now my wings are ripped and bent . . Now my wings ache and coming . . off . . Now my wings are dry and cracked . . Now my wings are tied and . . . sigh I had wings once . . So . . . “My dear friend up on that tree branch . . “I call you my family now since she is gone . . “ “My dreams are my wings now. . My prayers are my wings now . . Hope is the wind that lifts me now . . “ “Please, please, please take me with you and let me see what you see . . the sky, the lands, the seas . . “

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