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The Bike

Here is a short story I was told by a friend over these current 2020 Holidays. My friend asked this story be anonymous. But I wanted to share it, as I found it very hopeful and encouraging. The story is true.

I remember hearing a story a few years back in which a young boy of about 7 years of age wanted a bike for his own. His grandmother was raising him and the grandmother worked hard but did not have any money to provide a bike for her grandson. This young boy heard from a friend that every year during the month of October sometimes the local police department has an auction to sell off unclaimed or abandoned bikes with no owner and he hoped to obtain a bike at this auction. He diligently saved any change he found or he was able to save. On the day of the bike auction and unknown to his grandmother, he eagerly walked to the auction with his three dollars in pennies, nickels, and dimes in his pocket and high hopes. The auction began and it was his first auction and he did not quite know what to do but he was there and he was on a mission. The young boy watched for awhile and started to understand what to do. He decided to make his move and cried out “three dollars!” for each and every bike that came up for auction and he was repeatedly outbid every time. Finally the auction had one more bike to auction off and it was a beautiful green bike that looked almost brand new with shiny chrome and a black banana seat. The young boy gazed at the last bike with a tear in his eye and he yelled out one more time, “. . three dollars?!. . ” almost like a prayer. And as usual, the bidding quickly went up and settled to $12.00. The young boy listened in stony silence. Suddenly the auctioneer pointed to the young man and yelled out, “sold to that young man up here at the front for $15.00!. . “. There was loud clapping of applause as the young man walked up front to receive his new bike. Suddenly the auctioneer pulled out $12.00 out of his own pocket and the young man surrendered his three dollars in pennies, nickels, and dimes and together they both paid for the bike to the officer receiving the monies. He looked up at the auctioneer with a look of gratefulness and tears and threw his arms around the auctioneer’s neck. Then he rode home to show his grandmother. . .

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