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THE IMMENSE JOURNEY by Loren Eiseley (1946).

Updated: May 23, 2020

Loren Eiseley (RIP 1907-1977) writer, poet, scientist, anthropologist; born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, teaching most of his career at the University of Pennsylvania. The Immense Journey is a personalized journey through time in the understanding of this great naturalist. But its much more than a scientific exploration, it is an exploration also of the heart, of wonder, destruction, creation and evolution. When I first read The Immense Journey I was a graduate student in psychology, which can get pretty into the depths of individual details about life, but lose the larger picture. Eiseley’s writing here and in other works, provided that larger, environmental-historical perspective on life, that I needed then and have embraced throughout my career and even more-so in my life. We are all a part of a much greater whole that we can barely imagine. Though our individual lives all pass in a flash, like a fire-fly on a summer evening; I believe that the energy, love and meaning from our lives live on and join the flow of time and mystery, blending our lives into the life of the All. Eiseley is a wisdom and a light we need in this ever darker and more confused 21st century.

Terry M Pace (2020)

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