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Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen: Reflections at 60 and Beyond

By Larry McMurtry (1936) wrote Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen (1999) while sitting at the Dairy Queen in his home town of Archer City, Texas where he one day found himself reading Illuminations by Walter Benjamin (RIP 1892-1940). Since Illuminations is mainly about storytelling, McMurtry as the classic Texas storyteller recognized how rural Dairy Queens serve as a house of stories. This leads McMurtry to tell his own life stories since they are deeply connected to those rural roads and small towns in Texas. As the famed novelist of such favorites as Lonesome Dove (1985), McMurtry is a great story teller and he takes Benjamin's advise and focuses his stories on the everyday life of everyday people that he grew up with, from family to ranch hands and neighbors. This is a beautiful book to read and if it is on audiobooks, I suspect it would be a really nice one to listen to.

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