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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

My friend Rockey Robbins sent me some comments on his song of the day for Wednesday June 16, 2020. If you know Dr. Robbins, you know he would select a song that almost no one else has ever heard of. Indeed he stumped me with this one and also introduced me to an amazing talent. There is more on Dr Robbins on the Commentary page.

Lisa Morgenstern (2019). This is the second album for the German and Berliner artist. This album entitled Chameleon, is described by critics as “ethereal, orchestrated, dark, romantic, and terrifying.” Her music is based on classical foundations but evolves in jazz-like manner into something unique.

Morgenstern has a voice like no other as well and her voice is best heard on the song here – Deflowering, where she reaches highs and expressions that are almost, but not quiet inhuman sounding for me.

Here are Dr. Robbins comments on the song Deflowering:

Terry, Favorite songs today you ask. Well, just played, “Deflowering,” by Lisa Morgenstern. No words can tell the pain she expresses in that song. I am glad it is so short as I could not bear it to be longer. To take away our first choice to love, to have another to callously take away our bloom. Love and freedom are inextricably joined, and Morgenstern offers the indescribable pain of her humanity being ripped apart. Morning this separation is the deepest of heart’s sorrows. Forgive me for offering a song that is so sad, but I believe we must explore the deepest recesses of our souls before we can live meaningful lives. Guess I had to do that today. Rockey

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