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One of the most universal human interactions is with the world of music. We can see this easily in how infants and young children naturally respond to music, often with smiles, laughter and most happily of all, dancing! Music indeed may be the universal human language. A regular musical exposure in childhood appears to be one of the strongest medicines for long term mental and physical health. Music can be a natural antidepressant. Music can enhance memory. While music can soothe, it can also inflame. Music is used to communicate protest. But this shows how music can be a source of both comforting acceptance of things one cannot change and inspired fervor to face challenge and enact change. Music expresses culture and culture expresses it's music. Music can mark history or moments. So, in this blog, music (not original) will be shared to comfort, inspire, challenge, even shock. Ive been listening to music all my life, from the country of my roots to the rock and roll of my youth, to blues, folk and jazz in my adulthood. As a psychologists I have been witness to a great range of human emotions, and have always been drawn to songs that express such emotions (even sacred and profane), honest expressions in music and I am a bit on the melancholic side, so this shows in my selections. Maybe I can expose you to a few new songs along the way. I may also have a guest "DJ" or two along the way here.  Please listen.

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