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The Cross Over

By Francis Grant, Jr.

On the occasion of my mother’s death on December 1, 2018. Just came out like this:

The Cross Over Oh, please do not feel that certain guilt It was just my time to go . .

I can see you are still feeling sad And the tears just seem to have tears also. We all come to this earth for just so many years And for some it is not very many days . .

I do not want you to keep crying You are sacrificing so many tears. See I have not really left you, I am not gone Even though it may seem so . .

I have just gone to my heavenly home And I am closer to you now than you will ever know. Just believe that when you say my name, I am standing so close to you . .

I know you may want or need to see me But only time is the distance between me and you. And I will still send you messages And hope you will understand . .

That when your time comes to “cross over,” I will be there to take and hold your hand. And “cross over” together . .

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